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Hi everyone,

My online rehab and strength assessment system is up and running !

Hopefully this will allow me to provide some assistance if you are dealing with pain or rehab even while I am in Japan.

What is the online rehab and strength assessment system?

The program involves a functional movement assessment of the pain / weakness and structural alignment of the patient. From this data we determine the areas of the body which are aggravating or preventing the issue from getting better.

With a combination of Meridian self massaging, Yoga like stretches and Pilates like exercises, I will give you a program which will hopefully resolve the areas of dysfunction that we find, Also if you are already working with a therapist for your issue, I can provide a report on our findings which hopefully is useful to ensure a speedy recovery and less chance of reoccurrence.

What do I need if I make an appointment? Try to wear loose clothing and have an area that we can do some movements and stretches (similar to if you were going to do Yoga) Also if you have a ball or other self massage tools, and a theraband that would be useful as well but not necessary.

How long are each session? Each session is 90 min / $ 60 (payments can be made by registering your credit card with the Jane app or etransfer to

If you are interested feel free to book under the heading : Kenji online ;

Please feel free to email: if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support and hopefully see you soon online :)

PS. I do not have a schedule of when I will be back to Vancouver yet but will keep you updated as soon as I find out

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